Monday, April 17, 2006

Lipstick & Magazines #53: Enjoy

A few things I've been, yes, enjoying recently:

Shelterrific - a blog started by the peeps who used to work at Budget Living Magazine (sadly no more). All around great posts of products, food stuffs, home goodies, and more.

Covers - The best in modern book covers. Lots of comments worth reading. Submit your faves.

Perez Hilton - Quality celebrity snark. High on the commentary. (thanks Liam)

This Book Will Save Your Life - Out this week, A.M. Homes latest: existential man-life pain mixed with some freak show Los Angeles settings, seemingly random human connections, and a dash of the apocalypse. I read it in a day. And she got a really cool blurb from Stephen King on the back.

Little Manhattan - Toss the cynical shell aside and enjoy this charming film about 11 year-olds falling in strong "like" - maybe love? - in the Big Apple. Captures an incredible sense of the city, the New York space.