Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Lipstick & Magazines #57: Select

The cream of the crop, the best of the rest. Beautiful, well-curated, stunning, and smart.

Project B: Vintage Photographs & Other Curiosities - If you're intrigued by photo names like Affectionate Sailors, Iowa Woman 513 lbs, and Children in Donkey Cart, take a browse through Barbara Levine's virtual vintage photo albums. Photos are for sale, as are curiosities like McIntyre's Hypnotic Ball and gorgeous Cigarette Cards. Levine's exhibition entitled "Snapshot Chronicles: Inventing the American Photo Album" is currently on display at the SFPL.

The 25 Sexiest Novels Ever Written from Playboy - An interesting book list. How many have you read? Probably the first time Judy Blume has been highlighted in Playboy.

15 Years of the Best Sources from Martha Stewart Living - And even if you bought the print magazine, Ms. Stewart has been good enough to add some "Web Extras" that didn't make the first cut. Thanks Martha!

Friday, May 19, 2006

Lipstick & Magazines #56: Great

Great new...

Book: Sweet and Low: A Family History by Rich Cohen - a voyeuristic treat, Sweet and Low finds Cohen playing the investigative reporter, trying to suss out the truth of his own family, whose patriarch started the company that would go on to create and package the pretty pink packets of sugar substitute. Cohen's wing of the family, or rather his mother and "her issue," as his grandmother's will refers to them, is disinherited, freeing him to dig deep into the complex, strange, and juicy history of his Brooklyn-based Jewish family.

Movie: Prime - written and directed by Ben Younger, who also made the wonderful Boiler Room, this "romantic comedy" is truly refreshing - real chemistry between older woman Uma Thurman and younger guy Bryan Greenberg, an excellent Jewish therapist mother played by Meryl Streep, and an overall tight, sophisticated, stylish and poignant film.

Website: Dive - you gotta love an SF-based food blog that includes the SF Dept. of Public Health on its link list. But seriously, strong writing, a true sense of place, and great photos of food that's not necessarily served up asking to be photographed.

Idea: Eau du PLAY-DOH - I can vouch for their Orange Creamsicle scent; now Demeter Fragrance has created a limited edition Play-Doh fragrance to celebrate the company's 50th anniversary. I must admit, I still enjoy a good whiff of Play-Doh, so I'm very intrigued.

Revival: The Babysitter's Club~graphic novels - Props to my former middle school classmate Raina Telgemeier for scoring this cool gig - she's the cartoonist drawing these adorable new versions of the 80's classic pre-teen girl reads. How fun.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

Lipstick & Magazines #55: Moms

Happy Mother's Day all you moms, new and old (well, not old - you know what I mean), and moms-to-be!


Celebrity Babies

Library Book Card baby announcements from Akemi Designs - oh my!

Turn Here, which needs a new name, but has a great concept: short films about cool places, so you can travel without leaving your computer, or, a million times better, prep for an actual trip. Clement Street is currently representin' for San Francisco

...and after a very scientific study of East Bay bakeries with my friend Katey , I can vouch that Teacake Bake Shop, Emeryville-mall-based though it may be, is producing some delectable treats, especially the Cupcakies (just the tops, with a bit more frosting).

Monday, May 01, 2006

Lipstick & Magazines #54: Grab Bag

Apartment Therapy's Smallest, Coolest Apartment Contest - excellent voyeuristic browsing of very awesome pads - not how the "other half" lives, but how I (and many of my friends) live.

Pimp My Snack - Another reason to be thrilled about visiting London for the first time this winter - I can get my eye on the ingredients people are using to concoct their food treats on this stylin' site. How cool is this Fizzy Cherry?

A new e-card site! Hipster Cards

And finally, a novel I absolutely loved. It's the early 70's. Inez Ruin is growing up, bouncing between So Cal life with her former-Flamenco dancing, gorgeous mom and abuelita and her Nor Cal (North Beach and Marin) life with her somewhat detached counter-culture/computer genius dad and his revolving girlfriends (from young hippies to a wealthy romance novelist). She also has a Mormon best friend, a half-brother who lives on (family legend says) a commune with his crazy mother, and a proper and prim other grandmother. Check out The Ruins of California by Martha Sherrill.