Friday, February 25, 2005

Lipstick & Magazines #4: Kiss and Read

Finally, some true love goes out to our namesake topics, lipstick and magazines. What would I do without you my friends, my little pick-me-ups?


At 27, I might be old enough to claim MAC's Paramount as my signature color, but I don't want to get stuck in a rut. Without a doubt, Mac
lipsticks are some of the best. Once you buy a $15-20 quality lipstick, you won't turn back, and unlike some of the truly frightening and intimidating make-up counter people out there, MAC seems to hire a nicer breed.

For gloss,
check out Lip Medic. I was recently looking for a coconut-banana flavor I used to be able to find at my neighborhood hippie bath store. On Lip Medic, you can search by flavor and find some truly cool glosses. Who knew there were more than 5 banana-flavored glosses? They also have a gloss/balm of the month, which would be a nice gift for that specific special someone.


Never, ever subscribe to a magazine without doing a little price research. Net Magazines has a 5 for $30 subscription package which I used to rave about, but they've lost some of the cooler titles. Still worth a visit. I recently subscribed to a few titles through Shopper Values. First you become a member (ummm, enter your name and email, and unclick all the spam), then you can find Budget Living for $5 a year, and Dwell Magazine for less than $10. Also, if you're looking for a particular title, always search eBay. Magazines obviously benefit by having high subscriber numbers, so these wholesalers can sell subscriptions really cheaply.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Lipstick & Magazines #3: Brain Break

Whether you are a jammie-wearing freelancer, a drowning student, or an office-bound corporate kid, there's always that moment during the day (for me it's 3pm), when a brain break is absolutely required. I'm a huge proponent of breaks of all kinds in fact, and when going out for leisurely cuppa tea is not an option, sometimes visiting a website that you haven't visited ten million times before is the best you can do. Here are a few sites that do it for me, starting at brain "lite" and moving a little deeper:

* Ferry Halim's
Orisinal features some of the most charming and original computer games. Catch an egg in a floating basket! Make the kitties move and stop moving! Bubble bees! Really though, these are so beautiful created and a great way to chill out for 3 minutes - check them out. (*Hidden treasure - under "Misc," second box offer is a link to a "Make You Own Flower Bouquet" e-card. Absolutely free and totally sweet)

10x10 is updated every hour with words and photos culled from international news sources to create, as the site describes, a "snapshot of our world." Reading about how the site works is fascinating; seeing the final resort change over time, even more so.

Identity Theory has some of the best author interviews, as well as a bunch of smarties, funny writers, serious writers and others talking about literature, culture, life, and a little bit of everything else. A great browsing site...and they are currently looking for people who want to blog about the books they're reading.

Friday, February 11, 2005

Lipstick & Magazines #2: Write Me

I would like to be a better, and more consistent, letter-writer. As a little girl, I had penpals in Pittsfield, MA, and Finland. I received long letters written in crayon and Finnish chocolate and Christmas ornaments. Now, I have one penpal who is owed a woefully late response (sorry J!). My dirty little secret is that I have tons of beautiful cards. I buy them, get attached to them, and then can't let go of them. Ridiculous!

So, my next plan of attack is stationary and card SETS. This way, I can always save just a little bit.

Here are some options I'm eyeing:

Jack and Lulu note-sets available online at Fred Flare - sweet, simple stripes and dots

One Creative Girl - adorable fabric-patterned cards

Snow & Graham - sweet, sweet letter-press cards. Not available online, but in mass quantities at expensive stores in Hayes Valley!

Friday, February 04, 2005

Lipstick & Magazines #1: Cuties

Sushi is probably on the outs as far as In Style trendy goes, but I really don't care. Real sushi is delicious, and as artistic inspiration, it has limitless potential. I'd seen sushi erasers, bags, even knit sushi, but this is the most beautiful sushi candy I have ever seen. I've never tasted it, so I can't vouch for the flavor, but for now it's good enough as eye candy.

* Find the goods:
Kooki Sushi

While homeownership is not in my imminent future, I can still entertain myself with dreams about appliances. I hadn't really had any yet, but Big Chill Fridge is breaking me in. Green Apple, Pink Lemonade, Buttercup Yellow. No I'm not talking about nail polish or lip gloss. We are talking the most drool-worthy refrigerators you have over seen. If you buy one, lemme know so I can come over and touch it

* Find the goods:
Big Chill Fridge