Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Lipstick & Magazines #52: Rain

At this point, you just have to give into the rain rather than wish it away. While you're stuck inside, fortify yourself with:

Footballers Wive$ - I didn't realize how fun it would be to type out wives with the dollar sign. If you are even slightly intrigued by watching the travails of sleazy, too-wealthy rich British women, and their terribly, badly-behaving husbands, with a dash of dysfunctional family dynamics thrown in, you will love this BBC show, first season now available on DVD.

Vegan Lunch Box - How sweet. And yummy-looking and inspiring.

Public Radio BookSource - What was the name of that book, by that woman, that you heard about on that show?

Hip-Hop Reader - Great site, promoting literacy and reading among urban high school students.

Blow Monkey Nail Dryer - What (??) you say Just take a look. Adorable.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

Lipstick & Magazines #51: Cool

Do you like to stay on top of the coolest of the cool and the newest of the new? I don't buy 1/1000th of the stuff I read about on these sites, but I still think it's fun just to know, you know?

Coolhunting. Aren't you glad someone else is out there doing the hard work and all you have to do is browse?

Popgadget. This very cool site is geared toward women, featuring items (tech, pet, wearable and more) with great design features and, often, really fantastic bright colors. If you're a guy who appreciates these features, you might groove with this one too. Popgadget led me to these book cover iPod cases - too damn cool!

Wired Magazine features the Japanese Schoolgirl watch, so all Americans can know what will be really hip here in a few years.

Agenda Inc. Live Feed. You heard it here. Tupperware parties are hot again. I'm a little bit excited about that.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Lipstick & Magazines #50: Simplify

Maybe you've heard of all of these, maybe none, but unlike so many websites that offer something great, seduce you into visiting once, and that's the end of the attraction, these sites hooked me. Sticky sites, loyalty-inducing, whatever you want to call them, they offer something that makes my life easier and I love them for it.

Can a URL be cute? If it's possible, Tiny URL is the one making it happen. When you're sending a link, don't send an unwieldy one that breaks annoyingly at line breaks. Plug the long one into Tiny URL and out pops a sweet little address. Lovely.

If you read blogs, you will save so, so, so much time using an aggregator like Bloglines. I subscribe to over 80, keep them organized by type. Book blogs, food blogs, craft blogs, airline deals, jobs ads - all fed straight to me, one site to visit. You can clip pieces you like, email them to friends directly, and streamline your crazy blog life.

Job hunting? Yep, me too. Simply Hired is awesome - it sweeps craisglist, corporate sites, Monster, and tons of other job sites so that with one keyword and location search, you can search them all. Easy! Then you can subscribe to the RSS feed for that specific search though Bloglines...and it just gets more exciting. Lots of other functionalities here to explore too.

Finally, Design Your Life is about the thinking behind design, and the application of design ideas in "everyday" life, as described by this impressive manifesto. This site requires some time for exploration but there is deep goodness here. From Self-Branding with Candy to In Praise of August, there is content here to both inspire and motivate.

Friday, March 03, 2006

Lipstick & Magazines #49: Think

I'm quite interested in social networks, collaborative filtering, all that new great stuff that smart people are using to make experiencing the web so much more meaningful (LinkedIn, Friendster, Yelp, etc.). Visualcomplexity offers really stunning graphic examples of mapped networks. From transportation networks to mapping the internet, these depictions are incredibly artful and worth a look and a few thoughts.

A respected librarian friend of mine suggested Edward Tufte's work to me, particularly Envisioning Information, which shows many different ways to display information in complex data in non-simple text. I love that he also sells graph paper on his website (see bottom). Great thought.

I'm currently reading Brand Hijack: marketing without marketing (by Alex Wipperfurth, a partner at SF's Plan B), which explores brands that allow themselves, or set themselves up, to be shaped by consumers and enjoy great success because of it (examples: Doc Martens, Friendster, Red Bull). Targeting niches based around values rather than demographic "types," allowing more than enough time for buzz to build, creating a brand "folklore," not taking oneself too seriously (a la Mattel re. Barbie), considering the psychology of the tribe - all interesting ideas that could apply to whatever realm you're working in.

Wipperfurth mentions American Brandstand from Agenda, which tracks "all the mentions of brands in the lyrics of the Billboard Top 20 singles chart." Did you know that in 2005, Jolly Rancher was mentioned 8 times?