Saturday, December 16, 2006

Lipstick & Magazines #66: Smart

Obviously people who buy "books by the foot" and in particular shades to match the den are very, very smart. I think this is hilarious and would love to be in charge of color-coordinating the spines for people with this kind of $ to spend - reminiscent of Chris Cobb's art project at Adobe Books in 2004.

Smart people also would be keen on checking out Babes with Books which restores my faith in...something. Too funny.

I would consider anyone who wanted to sew me anything made out of the Japanese fabric at Super Buzzy to be ridiculously keen. Pink hippos!

I received lots of owl gifts and cards at my last birthday, so owls, a symbol of pure smart, are hanging in there as trendy animal of the year, though I'm predicting deer will take the lead in '07.

Reddingk t-shirts are smart. And cute. Their prints, framed, would be a lovely new year's gift as well (too late to order for the December holidays).

Finally, cookbook lovers would be wise to check out Sur La Table's surprisingly lush collection of autographed cookbooks. Seriously, who doesn't want Martha's new Homekeeping Handbook, with a bookplate signed by the mistress of perfection herself?

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Lipstick & Magazines #65: Foreign

Having just returned from my first trip to both London and Paris, I'm doing everything possible to hang on to the *travel magic*... what a lovely experience. Here are a few of my faves, many of which were suggested by my very cultured friends, some of which, of course, involve the books read along the way, in questionably comfortable beds and on flights filled with adorable (crying) toddlers:

*Fingersmith by Sarah Waters - recommended by the perfectly cast kooky glasses and fly-away hair (no, not me) bookseller at Red Wheelbarrow Bookstore in Paris. I'm now ready to read all her books...

*Laduree's raspberry macarons. Simply ridiculous.

*The Manet to Picasso exhibit at the National Gallery in London.

*Yes, the bone marrow salad at St. John

*Musee Rodin

*The jewelry at Sic Amor on 10 rue du Pont Louis-Philippe in the Marais district of Paris. I could live in here.

*The Parisian chick lit novel Left Bank, bought purely for the cover shown here, designed by letterpress stationary company Hello Lucky.

*The supremely filling lunch at Books for Cooks test kitchen - sweet potato and red lentil soup with lime and creme fraiche, cabbage and feta filo with a salad, and blueberry buttermilk cake. For 7 pounds!

*Aimless wandering with no email or cell phone...

Can you tell I'm ready for the next trip?