Sunday, July 31, 2005

Lipstick & Magazines #22: Design

Josh was recently reading a biography of Frank Llloyd Wright - architecture and design are nice fantasies for us - we both drool over Dwell magazine monthly. The spare modernist look is quite the extreme fantasy though, given that we like our stuff, the kind of stuff that never appears in any of those photos. Storage! Storage! Anyway, I found this cool Architect Studio 3D site from the FLW Preservation Trust where you can build a house with "Frank" as your guide - try it out - very addictive.

After you design the house you will want to furnish it, and I think Velocity Art and Design will do just fine. (Hey, why don't they make these squirrel shirts in adult sizes?) Kitty freaks, look how cool this is...

Finally, you'll need some hip photos for the wall. I was recently in Chicago (highly recommend the architectural boat tour) and Terry Evans "Revealing Chicago: An Aerial Portrait" show was on display in Millenium Park. The website is really well-done, and though it doesn't look like prints are available for purchase currently, they would work really nicely in our sleek new house. Hey Terry, come shoot aerial San Francisco??

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Lipstick & Magazines #21: Art

I'm hoping to wrangle up a trip to LA before this show closes. Margaret Kilgallan's art has a very folk-art meld of text and image - really big and bold and, I think, strong and lovely. Almost like textual quilts. Incredibly sadly, she died of ovarian cancer at 33 leaving behind a husband and infant daughter - while this doesn't change her art, it may change the eyes you see it through -does for me at least. She lived in San Francisco, and, I believe, used to work at the SF Public Library in book preservation.

Princeton University Library has made available a great new resource for anyone interested in book printing and design - Unseen Hands: Women Printers, Binders, and Book Designers. You can explore by name, date, occupation, or just browse a thumbnail gallery. Quite inspiring - read about Emily Faithfull, who in the 19th century hired both men and women to set type, and was met with "enormous hostility from the printer's union, supposedly on moral grounds. Presses were sabotaged and ink poured on the women's chairs."

And check out current craftster Sew Darn Cute for some remarkably reasonable vintage-fabric homemade baby quilts. Yes, yes, so darn cute.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Lipstick & Magazines #20: Cake

Now that Julie of Julie/Julia Project fame, whose blog about cooking all of Julia Childs' recipes I reads obsessively last year, has gone and gotten herself a nice book deal, I'm checking out a few other food bloggers and bakers.

52 Cupcakes is a nice gimmicky blog from a woman who has given herself the "challenge" of cooking a different kind of cupcake every week, and now she's getting around to posting the recipes, though really, it's all about the photos.

The Girl who Ate Everything has a decadent time chowing down with great shots too - and have you seen the ever-entertaining Airline Meals? Well organized, collaborative - what more could you ask for in a kitsch site?

Finally, if it's all about "pretty" for you, with a nice dose of high quality ingredients, check out Miette Patisserie at the Ferry Building in San Francisco, particularly their cake stands (but pricey pricey!) and small lemon cookies.

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Lipstick & Magazines #19: Product

I drooled over the Benefit catalog for years, but only finally have learned the joys of their stuff after a holiday gift from my guy. Bad, bad move, as now I'm pretty much addicted to a few items, like the Fantasy Mint Wash (which reminds me of my absolute favorite cheap chocolate drugstore candy, the Mint Dream) and Do It Daily, a super simple, not-too-sticky facial moisturizer with SPF.

Also, a wedding make-up *find* is Pout lip products available at Sephora - the gloss is very yummy, and the fishnet print packaging is mighty fine.

And, in the interests of supporting a store I've been shopping at since I was a kid, I encourage everyone to seek out teeny-tiny Common Scents on 24th Street in Noe Valley. Around since at least the very early 80s, Common Scents has my absolute favorite bubble bath flavors - Apricot, Blackberry-Hibiscus, and more. And they package it and themselves in sweet little plastic bottles that you can get refilled. AND they also have a great selection of Kiehl's, candles, make-up bags, soap holders, and more. Check it out.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Lipstick & Magazines #18: Emotion

So you wanna...have a good cry. It happens. You're overwhelmed or stressed or maybe insanely happy and you know a good cry would be cleansing and wonderful, but you need a spark to get you there.

Or maybe not a cry, but just that feeling, of being alive, connecting - can you find it in a reality show? Probably not, but other media just might work...


A few weeks ago, my friend Julie said "You are going to LOVE this movie." And she was more than right. Me and You and Everyone We Know is getting insane press, quickly moving from indie needing press, to indie getting so much press people might not consider it "indie" enough any more. But see it. Miranda July, the writer/director/performance artist whose credentials at such a young age will make anyone weep, has crafted an artist's movie, about love and loneliness and growing up that just connects. She also has a blog about the film's aftermath.


OK, watching a baby's birth may not appeal to everyone, but trust me on this one. "Welcome Jude Roman Fairbanks" is an amazing creation by his media designer father. It is NOT too graphic to watch at work, but you may tear up, so I'd save it for home. And be absolutely sure to have the sound on (Flaming Lips, etc.)


Mary and O'Neil by Justin Cronin - a perfect lazy hammock read. Time to set up a hammock in my apartment. A set of interlinked stories that I absolutely loved.


Do you get enough poetry in your life? If not, subscribe to The Writer's Almanac Daily e-newsletter from Garrison Keillor. I'm not a natural-born poetry lover, but I've been so impressed (and touched!) by many of the contemporary picks, and also enjoy finding out about literary history and birthdays - it's like a great five-minute English class every morning.