Thursday, February 23, 2006

Lipstick & Magazines #47: Make

I first spotted a big orange Sumo Bag at a happening Valencia St. apartment, then cozied up to them in the lounges at Sundance. They're super-cool, filled with little foam beads that conform to your body and hold your shape whether you sit down daintily or launch yourself at it.

For a well-made bag, I've been eyeing Sherpani - "yoga style," "urban pack," even an almost cool fanny pack (here called "small waist pack"). They have a great, slim, close-to-the-body cut.

Geek out a bit with How Products Are Made. From action figures to scratch and sniff to TV dinners, this text-heavy site offers a step-by-step process with manual-style line drawings to entertain and inform you. A great reference site.

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