Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Lipstick & Magazines #52: Rain

At this point, you just have to give into the rain rather than wish it away. While you're stuck inside, fortify yourself with:

Footballers Wive$ - I didn't realize how fun it would be to type out wives with the dollar sign. If you are even slightly intrigued by watching the travails of sleazy, too-wealthy rich British women, and their terribly, badly-behaving husbands, with a dash of dysfunctional family dynamics thrown in, you will love this BBC show, first season now available on DVD.

Vegan Lunch Box - How sweet. And yummy-looking and inspiring.

Public Radio BookSource - What was the name of that book, by that woman, that you heard about on that show?

Hip-Hop Reader - Great site, promoting literacy and reading among urban high school students.

Blow Monkey Nail Dryer - What (??) you say Just take a look. Adorable.

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