Thursday, June 22, 2006

Lipstick & Magazines #59: Covet

Now which of these things do I covet so much I need to just buy them and stop the website "window shopping?"

Keds are cute again! Look at these adorable pairs with rock poster artist Eleanor Grosch prints (owls, seahorses, llamas). Much lovelier than my last pair (6th grade) which I wore with no laces and had all my friends sign (tacky, tacky).

More shoes to love, the Asics Onitsuka tiger sneakers. Waiting for a sale...

Fred Flare's next BIG thing - just great for cheery colors and good browsing.

My friend Peggy set me up for a financial down-fall by mentioning rock scissor paper's personalized stationary, with images like owls (yes, again - the new cupcake?), scooters, and lanterns. Something for everyone.

And finally, Typhoon has launched in the US - kitchen goods that you can shop by retro color or vintage style. The Vintage Green cake tin is putting me over the edge.

1 comment:

marielle said...

Oh, goodness. As if I needed more things to covet!

Found you today while searching for Eleanor Grosch owl Keds, and all I could think was, what took me so long? So much common ground - I'm from San Francisco, finishing library school, and share many of the same links with you.