Friday, February 11, 2005

Lipstick & Magazines #2: Write Me

I would like to be a better, and more consistent, letter-writer. As a little girl, I had penpals in Pittsfield, MA, and Finland. I received long letters written in crayon and Finnish chocolate and Christmas ornaments. Now, I have one penpal who is owed a woefully late response (sorry J!). My dirty little secret is that I have tons of beautiful cards. I buy them, get attached to them, and then can't let go of them. Ridiculous!

So, my next plan of attack is stationary and card SETS. This way, I can always save just a little bit.

Here are some options I'm eyeing:

Jack and Lulu note-sets available online at Fred Flare - sweet, simple stripes and dots

One Creative Girl - adorable fabric-patterned cards

Snow & Graham - sweet, sweet letter-press cards. Not available online, but in mass quantities at expensive stores in Hayes Valley!

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