Friday, February 18, 2005

Lipstick & Magazines #3: Brain Break

Whether you are a jammie-wearing freelancer, a drowning student, or an office-bound corporate kid, there's always that moment during the day (for me it's 3pm), when a brain break is absolutely required. I'm a huge proponent of breaks of all kinds in fact, and when going out for leisurely cuppa tea is not an option, sometimes visiting a website that you haven't visited ten million times before is the best you can do. Here are a few sites that do it for me, starting at brain "lite" and moving a little deeper:

* Ferry Halim's
Orisinal features some of the most charming and original computer games. Catch an egg in a floating basket! Make the kitties move and stop moving! Bubble bees! Really though, these are so beautiful created and a great way to chill out for 3 minutes - check them out. (*Hidden treasure - under "Misc," second box offer is a link to a "Make You Own Flower Bouquet" e-card. Absolutely free and totally sweet)

10x10 is updated every hour with words and photos culled from international news sources to create, as the site describes, a "snapshot of our world." Reading about how the site works is fascinating; seeing the final resort change over time, even more so.

Identity Theory has some of the best author interviews, as well as a bunch of smarties, funny writers, serious writers and others talking about literature, culture, life, and a little bit of everything else. A great browsing site...and they are currently looking for people who want to blog about the books they're reading.

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