Friday, July 01, 2005

Lipstick & Magazines #18: Emotion

So you wanna...have a good cry. It happens. You're overwhelmed or stressed or maybe insanely happy and you know a good cry would be cleansing and wonderful, but you need a spark to get you there.

Or maybe not a cry, but just that feeling, of being alive, connecting - can you find it in a reality show? Probably not, but other media just might work...


A few weeks ago, my friend Julie said "You are going to LOVE this movie." And she was more than right. Me and You and Everyone We Know is getting insane press, quickly moving from indie needing press, to indie getting so much press people might not consider it "indie" enough any more. But see it. Miranda July, the writer/director/performance artist whose credentials at such a young age will make anyone weep, has crafted an artist's movie, about love and loneliness and growing up that just connects. She also has a blog about the film's aftermath.


OK, watching a baby's birth may not appeal to everyone, but trust me on this one. "Welcome Jude Roman Fairbanks" is an amazing creation by his media designer father. It is NOT too graphic to watch at work, but you may tear up, so I'd save it for home. And be absolutely sure to have the sound on (Flaming Lips, etc.)


Mary and O'Neil by Justin Cronin - a perfect lazy hammock read. Time to set up a hammock in my apartment. A set of interlinked stories that I absolutely loved.


Do you get enough poetry in your life? If not, subscribe to The Writer's Almanac Daily e-newsletter from Garrison Keillor. I'm not a natural-born poetry lover, but I've been so impressed (and touched!) by many of the contemporary picks, and also enjoy finding out about literary history and birthdays - it's like a great five-minute English class every morning.

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