Thursday, November 24, 2005

Lipstick & Magazines #36: Gift

If you're not my friend Peggy, who told me a few weeks back that she was long done shopping and wrapping all her holiday presents, maybe something here would be nice for the sweet folks on your list?

Donna Hay rocks. My friend Katey turned me onto this "Australian Martha Stewart" (crass but true) - she's got numerous gloriously photographed cookbooks and a beautiful magazine, if you can find and afford it. I absolutely love that every recipe comes with a photo - makes all the difference.

Is it wrong to collect silicone rolling pins if they come in amazing colors?

Just about the cutest kitchen-themed ornaments ever. Really- take a look. Everyone should have a Kitchen Aid Mixer ornament. And the utensils to go with it!

New York is enjoying the cupcake retail boom, and looks like chocolate is getting its own stores too - these Chocolate Bar NYC shirts are great.

A Cat & Mouse Cheeseboard!

Gorgeous Chocolate-Covered Oreos: for the person who likes to eat his or her gifts.

Someone you know still eating Cup O'Noodles? Help them enjoy them in style with these classy bowls.

A copy of Toast: The Story of a Boy's Hunger - one of the best childhood & food memoirs I've read, by British cookbook author Nigel Slater.

And for the kiddies, how about stuffed My Paper Crane plush treats - a strawberry sprinkle donut pillow or quart of Egg Nog?

Happy Shopping!

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