Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Lipstick & Magazines #33: Custom

You pick the fabric. You pick the color. You make the choice. Options are great.

Queen Bee Creations - The wallet that gets more positive reactions than anything I've ever owned. This handmade beauty has six plastic sleeves so you can really keep track of how many credit cards you shouldn't have. Pick your logo (cupcake? birdie? mix tape?), your leather color, and it'll arrive wrapped up like a special present just for you.

Aaron Sciandra's Brooklyn Bags - You'll see immediately the cutest bag ever here. Right? The Ella the Elephant bag. Pick your own fabric.

Miz Mooz - These shoes may not be custom-made, but most of the limited number of styles come in about 5 or 6 colors, of which you'll want to own 4 or 5. Miz Mooz shoes are so comfortable, no evil break-in period, and really light on the foot. I've found them at all the Shoe Biz stores in SF.

And finally, if you feel like springing for some extra-special holiday cards, Paper Source has great-looking letter-press custom cards this year. If those are beyond your means, plan to send gorgeous "custom" Victorian e-cards, available for free from Susanna's Loft.


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