Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Lipstick & Magazines #72: Spring

Spring has sprung so time for cleaning and cooking and reading and brightening it all up.

Loving these gorgeous, sprightly chairs at Anthropologie. Maybe we could all start a fund to buy one and pass it around from house to house so we can all appreciate it for a little bit? Well, they're 25% off right now, if that makes it affordable for any of you!

It's Memoir Week at Slate. Some of my favorite recent memoirs writers (Rich Cohen, Alison Bechdel) as well as some "classic" memoir writers (Mary Karr, Maxine Hong Kingston) are writing and being written about.

10 stars for Barefoot Contessa Lemon Yogurt Cake. So tangy and sweet. Only thing I changed was to leave the cake in the pan and poke it with a piece of dry spaghetti to make little holes to help the syrup soak in. Then remove from pan after cooling before glazing. Lemon yumminess.

Have you been to Cooking Gadgets? A fun blog.

Not Martha has a great Dutch Oven round-up and the comments section is helpful as well.

Lulu the Rocking Lamb is a cute, cute Easter gift from Baby Styles! They have lots of other fuzzy lamb items as well.

Recent and upcoming cookbooks I'm coveting:
Time to cook, clean, and decorate!

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ambika said...

I've had my eye on that chair but the price is still a bit rich for my blood. Ah well.