Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Lipstick & Magazines #71: Eclectic

It would take awhile to come up with a theme for these goodies, so just enjoy "as is."

Design Sponge's Guest Blog is featuring handmade wedding ideas - makes me want to plan another! (almost...) These photos are from my lovely hitch-day in Northern California in 2005.

Posie Gets Cozy shows off her fabulous ripple blanket and super cute kittie-cat.

Fashion Binge, a new blog from loyal L & M reader Tamron, features awesome eye candy, and her Etsy store will have you all ready to add to your jewelry (esp. charm necklace) collections! I know I still have my beloved plastic charm necklace from the 80s (no, I don't wear it! but I do think it's cool that I have an abacus charm) and it's time to update...

Even if you're not a librarian or a teacher, I recommend keeping your eye on Google's Librarian Central blog for really smart tips on how to use the site more effectively and info about what goes on on the inside. I was interested to read about their Authors@Google program which has featured Neil Gaiman, Steven Levy, and others. "Generally, we try to provide free copies of the author's book for the Googlers that attend. The writers read, talk on their topics of interest, and take questions. When there's time, they sign books too. The authors seem to enjoy speaking to a friendly audience of interested folk, and eat some of our famous cafeteria cuisine. We have rolled this program out at our offices in Mountain View, New York City, and Santa Monica, and plan to expand to other offices worldwide." And , of course, anyone can watch video of the author's appearance at GoogleVideo.

And finally Emily Chang's eHub is the place to keep up on everything new in the world of social software. In the past weeks, she's posted links to, among many others, ThisJustBrewed, a "social beverage news site," Nurse Linkup, a social networking site for nurses, and an interview with the folks behind Menuism, a community based restaurant guide. Awesome.

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