Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Lipstick & Magazines #30: Treat

If stuffing your face with candy corn or "autumn mix" is not satisfying enough for you this month, here a few other ways to treat yourself , ranging from free to not:

Jewelry! I saw Josie Adele's Fluidance jewelry at a Landor Associates art show when I was interning there last year. Gorgeous, clean lines. Substantial but not heavy or "too" dramatic. I'm partial to the Sterling Sculpture collection.

Furniture! Josh and I just became adults - we bought our first non-Craigslist, non-garage sale couch. And matching chair! Shopping at EQ3 was a blast. Basically I just wanted to move into the store, but I don't know if they would have liked that. Our sales guy was really nice though, so maybe he wouldn't have minded. Not only do they have the big pieces, but also awesome pillows, vases, little tables, bedding, and more. And locations around the country and Canada.

Cleanliness! Method, your packaging is so cool. And your hand wash is so yummy, pink grapefruit, pomegranate, lemongrass...when have you ever wanted a collection of hand wash before?

Pictures! Flickr Postcard Browser - this is a fun one. Type in a "tag" - pick a word - kitten, cake, flower, whatever, and see what comes up. An inspired alternative to Google image searches.

Laughs! I could just envy her for winning a Red Bicyclette contest including a trip to Provence (and spending money) just in time for her honeymoon, but since my friend Josie is telling the tales of her blissful month (chased by donkeys! forced to eat cuttlefish!), I can only be ecstatic that she's sharing the stories. Check out her blog: The Chicken Contests.

Treat yourself!


Anonymous said...

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Mary Ladd said...

I'm interested in getting a couch that is not a hand me down, from craigslist, or otherwise "vintage" (Goodwill), so I like hearing about yours.