Monday, October 24, 2005

Lipstick & Magazines #32: Taste

Chow Magazine has been on my radar for a few months now. But I could never spot it on the shelves at my "everyday" bookstores, and I wasn't ready to pony up almost $20 for a subscription without taking a look. Well, I finally found it at Green Apple (of course) and I'm mightily impressed. Sure, I flip through Bon Appetit, Gourmet, etc., but I don't really relate. Chow - it inspired my husband to make salsa in less than one day. Not just any salsa, but the mystery salsa from Papalote, which the writer "reverse engineered," after being denied the recipe by the owners (with good reason - it's a nice secret recipe).

Chow is already one of those battered, splattered cooking mags that will stay in the collection forever. The mag has a great layout, really workable recipes, and is especially fun if you live in SF, but great even if you don't.

Looks like we're on a chili roll here - Mary's story of consuming the infamous habanero hamburger in her fun food blog Mary Ladd's Food Finds is at once excrutiating and hilarious - isn't that the best kind of story? She also sniffs out great restaurants, offers up recipes, and shares good deals on cookware. And she always mentions the restaurant's cleanliness, which I have realized I totally appreciate.

What? Your mom didn't make you super-creative, gorgeous bento boxes for lunch everyday when you were growing up? We all probably missed out on this, so live vicariously through Bento Moblog. If you like to look at food you will spend hours here. And your sad, damp little sandwich will just not compare.


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