Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Lipstick & Magazines #31: Kids

I've been buying eeBoo products for a few months now without realizing:

A. It's a kid's toy company. Oops. I thought it was a hipster adult company (Anthropologie suckers me again).
B. I should have visited their website long ago so I could admire ALL their vintage-inspired goodies..

Candy dominos, Storefront Bingo, a really sweet Pin the Tail on the Donkey, and on and on. Plus, to buy from the site you have to "Click Pie to Buy," and, yes, it's a big pie.

If you want to dress the babies in your life fabulously, but aren't into the whole "mini Che or Bob Marley t-shirt look," check out Orange Cupcake. Awwww, little orange cupcakes, chocolate motorcycles, strawberry boots. Pretty darn cute. And despite what women at my gym seem to think, only babies can really work having "Cupcake" printed across their butts.

If you want to support a former graduate of my illustrious high school, or maybe just check out this nifty idea, take a peek at LittleMissMatched, a sock company that sells polka dotted, striped, and otherwise cutesy-cute socks in odd-numbered packs. Missmatched is expanding to iPod holders, pajamas, gloves, and more. You can buy direct from the site or find a store near you.

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